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06. 3.12 - Desperately Need another "Residential Agent" - HELP!

We are in desperate need of an experienced residential agent to work in the Baldwin Companies residential arm to field incoming calls, referrals, and e-leads that exceed our current capabilities to service. We pay 60% on closed transactions that originate from leads we provide, 75% on self generated business, and charge no desk fees or other hidden fees. Agents pay their own E&O and MIBOR fees. For this agent, we are providing a specific desk in the office but need for them to be able to field company generated leads that are coming in, although working self-generated transactions is o.k. as well. If you aren't brand new, have a respectable number of transactions under your belt, are comfortable showing homes, taking listings, doing CMA's, and calling warm leads, please contact Scott Baldwin to talk about filling this position.